New homes insulated with Nu-Wool Products qualify for a 10 year guarantee for heating and cooling bills!

The energy bills of your new home can be calculated and guaranteed by choosing eco-friendly Nu-Wool Insulation products. Because Nu-Wool products are so energy efficient and perform so consistently, Nu-Wool Co., Inc. has offered this guarantee for more than 25 years and continues to do so. Other insulation companies may offer a guarantee, but most of them are not free of charge like Nu-Wool’s.

If Nu-Wool stands behind its products so strongly, why don’t other insulation manufacturers?

To qualify for this program, simply say YES to Nu-Wool brand insulation products in your new home!

Program Details: Key characteristics are entered into a computer program that calculates heating loads and the cost of heating based on fuel, weather data, efficiency of the heating system, and the air infiltration factor for the specific house. This data determines the potential energy costs. If the energy bills exceed the guaranteed amount in the first 10 years, Nu-Wool Co., Inc. will reimburse the homeowner 50% of the overage. Builders can use this guarantee as an attractive selling feature to homebuyers. Plus,

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Home Heating and Cooling Guarantee
Sample – based on 2,200 square foot ranch home.

Home Heating and Cooling Warranty

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