The reasons to choose Nu-Wool Insulation are clear

  • Environmentally Green Insulation– Nu-Wool Insulation is made from recycled paper; saving on average 39 trees per house.
  • Energy Efficient – Save on heating and cooling costs with an insulation that has been tested to out-perform traditional fiberglass options.
  • Sound Proof – Enjoy quieter rooms and keep unwanted noise out of your home.
  • Mold Resistant – Nu-Wool Insulation is designed with an EPA registered fungicide to prevent mold growth.
  • Fire Resistant – Nu-Wool Insulation has a Class A Fire Rating and has been tested for fire resistance.

Why Top Notch Ultimate Insulation uses Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation

Nu Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation has been at the top of green sustainable insulation for over 60 years. Nu Wool wet spray insulation is made up of 86% recycled material which places it among the greenest insulation products on the market. Customers who choose Nu-Wool insulation are doing much more than conserving energy; they are contributing to an insulation company that helps preserve forests and reduce the amount of paper being deposited in landfills.

A green choice is just one of the many benefits of choosing Nu-Wool insulation. Top Notch Ultimate Insulation uses Nu-Wool because it offers superior thermal and air filtration and is designed to be mold resistant and fire retardant. Nu-Wool also greatly reduces noise acoustics, making it a top choice for residential construction and homeowner satisfaction. The science behind the noise reduction and durability of Nu-Wool is due to the cellulose makeup of the insulation. This type of insulation fills in air pockets that other insulations can miss making it a great choice for your home!