Give your family a piece of mind with fire resistant insulation. In the case of a fire, Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation can be the difference needed to get you and your loved ones safely out of the house. Nu-Wool Insulation is one of the few insulations on the market that is treated for fire resistance, created with 100% borate-base fire retardants, and meets all federal, state, and local fire safety requirements.

With this treatment Nu-Wool Insulation can help slow or stop the spread of fire in walls and attics, and the fire retardants used in Nu-Wool products are designed to last the life of the structure. Nu-Wool’s fire resistant insulation helps reduce the spread of fires by restricting the oxygen in the walls and ceiling. The durability of the fireproof insulation also helps block the flames and hot gases from spreading to different rooms. When compared to fiber glass insulations which have been found to be significantly less resistant to fire, it is easy to see why more families are choosing Nu-Wool’s top fire rated insulation for their homes.