Top Notch Ultimate Insulation is proud to work with a green energy insulation company dedicated to protecting the environment. Nu-Wool insulation is made of 85% recycled paper. Of that, 65% consists of post-consumer recycled newspaper. This means for every house that we insulate with Nu-Wool, there will be less paper in the landfills to pollute the environment. We save on average 39 trees for every house we insulate with Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation making it a great sustainable insulation option.

From beginning to end, Nu-Wool green energy insulation is the most environmentally sound choice for residential homes.

  • Producing cellulose insulation takes nearly 10 times less amount of energy that is needed to make fiberglass insulation.
  • During the application process of Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation, all excess sprayed insulation is gathered up to be reused in future projects, creating a no product waste environment.
  • Even the product bags are recycled after use.

Each home that we insulate with Nu-Wool is doing their part to help the cellulose insulation industry divert nearly a million tons of paper from landfills annually!